Aviation Health Care

Aviation Health Care

  • Aviation Medical Examination for: Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Cabin Crew

  • Aviation Medical training for: Cabin Crew, Airline Booking staff, Airport Security and Airport Immigration Officers

  • Airport Medical Centre providing emergency care, Outpatient care, vaccination, travel medical advisory

Aviation Health Care Packages

Emergency Medical Services

Attending to patients who collapse at the airport from various causes as well as those who collapsed in the aircraft enroute Entebbe. Also injuries and cuts will be attended to. The clinic perform minor surgical procedures like surgical toilet and suturing.

Outpatient Clinic

Avails all services rendered at an outpatient facility. A well stocked pharmacy able to dispense a wide variety of medicines prescribed. This is backed by a modern laboratory services able to analyze blood and urine, amongst others.

Vaccination Against Diseases Of International Travel Interest

The airport clinic provides vaccination against the following diseases:

  • Yellow fever
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Rota virus
  • Chicken pox
  • Rabies
  • Measles (MMR)
  • Cervical cancer (HPV) for girls 12 years and below and for adults who test HPV negative.

Focal Point For Disease Surveillance And Isolation

In coordination with the Ministry of Health and the WHO disease surveillance departments, the airport being a major entry point to the country, the clinic play a vital role in disease surveillance and isolation. Airport security, airline operators and immigration are trained and annually refreshed in identifying common infectious disease of international importance and Operational Plan

Global Disease Travel Advice

The KHC airport clinic offer free advice to visitors to Uganda on tropical diseases and vaccines as well as guide on those visiting certain countries that have certain diseases. This is important especially to groups like Muslim pilgrims, pupils and students going on visit to various destinations, etc.

Aviation Medical Examination

This clinic is equipped to carry out routine check up for Pilots, Air traffic controllers, Air crews as well as other workers whose work requires routine medical checkup for safety of those served by this particular person.

Advising The CAA And Airline Operators On Aviation Medical Issues

When required, the health experts give advice to the CAA, Airline operators and the management of the airport on any health related matters that affect operations of the airport.

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