Occupational Health And Safety Control

Work places, especially where physical handling is involved often is associated with health hazards (noise, dust, particles, heat, ergonomics) and safety hazards (burns, shear points, slips and falls) and some degree of stress. Often most workers and employers are not aware of the degree of exposure and how to reduce the exposure. This subpackage is targeted at supervisors of manual laborers in factories, construction sites, mining sites, etc who work closely with the laborers and ensure they are safe from the health and safety hazards that can be obtained from the job they are doing. The package includes:

  • Training: first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, pre-hospital injured/very sick patient care, etc
  • Specification and provision of health safety and first aid materials includes equiping and refilling first aid kits.
  • Pre (ISO 9001) audit Employers are also given WHO/ MOH/ISO 9001 recommended guidelines on how to make the work place safe for the employees.

Ministry of Health Occupational Health department using the internationally recommended occupational health guideline. The initial training is often followed by annual compliance check, and a MOH accreditation is issued annually for compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety for that duration.

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