HIV/AIDS Work Place Policy Formulation And Implementation

Uganda’s HIV prevalence remains high and thousands of new infections occur every day. It’s the responsibility of companies and organizations to let the employees aware of the effects of HIV/AIDS and what to do when one is HIV positive. This is first put down as a company’s/organization’s policy and then employees are given awareness and guidance on what to do. In the past, employers ignored this, with catastrophic consequences on both the workers and the employer.

Most employers can not employ a full time HIV/AIDS specialist to handle this very sensitive disease yet it grossly affects performance of an organization or company. Human resource managers are often left to handle this very burdensome and traumatic disease, and yet they do not have the time it requires as well the skills and techniques in handling it.

Kazuri Medical works with organizations and companies to put up an HIV work place policy tailored to suit the organization/ company. Where the policy exists Kazuri Medical updates it and works with the employer to implement it. The sub-package under this includes:

  • Putting up or updating the HIV/AIDS workplace policy
  • Implementing the policy on behalf of the company/ organization
  • Availing HIV/AIDS workplace materials on behalf of the company/organization

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